Here is what the unique star from the well-known “Game of Thrones” and his wife look like

This is Peter Dinklage from a fav series “Game of Thrones” and his family

Our beloved 52-year-old actor starring in this popular series is well-known all over the world due to his charisma, unusual look, great talent and acting skills.

One of the most frequent questions the legendary actor gets is about his height and extraordinary appearance.

Peter’s beloved wife is a theater director and the woman is about 30 cm taller than the man.

“Such an interesting woman”, “They don’t suit each other at all”, “I like them so much”, “How does she love him?”.

However, the couple tries not to pay attention to the criticism towards them and remains absolutely happy since their union in 2005. The spouses are currently raising their two adorable kids.

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