“Rose from Titanic”: 46-year-old Kate Winslet has changed a lot due to her extra weight

Kate Winslet at her 46 gained weight and is now hard to recognize

Probably all of us remember Rose from the legendary film “Titanic”. The role was brilliantly starred by actress Kate Winslet in the iconic film. Whereas the celebrity has changed a lot of and for many she is hard to recognize.

After getting married to a billionaire for the third time, Kate stopped appearing in events or shows dedicating herself to her precious family. The paparazzi hardy can catch the great actress in the streets. But these days, they k=luckily captured the woman who was in a sky blue dress and gently smiled to the camera.

It was apparent that Kate gained a lot of weight since then but managed to maintain her charm and beauty. It is not surprising that she has changed as the actress is already at her 46.

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