Decided to follow her father’s steps”: Here is what Bianca Brigitte now looks like and how she lives

This is how Van Damme’s heiress has changed and how she currently lives

Van Damme’s daughter who initially left a good impression on her father’s fans, still remains in the center of attention. She first appeared in public in the year 2012 and since then the paparazzi never ceases to capture her.

Here is her accompanied with her legendary father.

In her childhood and youth years, Bianca took a great interest in speed skating, whereas, because of a very serious harm, the girl had to abandon her most beloved hobby.

Currently, the charming girl decided to be engaged in the film industry.

Bianca confessed that she didn’t want to be protected and known thanks to her iconic father and was already eager to cope with difficulties and obstacles on her way to long-waited success.

In addition, she shared that a number of people often come up to her confessing how much they actually love her father. At first, she got offended by those comments, but now she doesn’t really care.

Bianca admitted that during her childhood years, she didn’t like martial arts at all.

Currently, she can boast on showing the same powerful tricks as her iconic father did.

Bianca’s first role which she played brilliantly and brought her much success and popularity.

Bianca can not only boast on her power and skills, but also flexibility.

She is the prime example of the icon of muscularity and femininity which are balanced in her personality. She mentions that the main advantage of marital arts is gaining the ability to defend yourself in any difficult situation.

For a relatively long period of time, her relationship with van Damme was not very close and inseparable but over time everything became alright.

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