“The prettiest model on Earth”: This adorable girl has become even more beautiful since childhood

This is how the world’s most charming girl looks who became a model

It is not a secret that Slavic girls and women have long been regarded the most beautiful and attractive ones in the whole world. A number of models are, in fact, of Slavic origins and are really proud of that.

So, now let’s see how the famous girl who was considered the most beautiful model on Earth has changed after these years. Anastasia Bezrukova was born in 2004 and started to enjoy fame and popularity since the age of 8. Here is her at the age of 6.

Since that early age, the girl was already engaged in various shows and programs and sometimes had to miss classes at schools.

At the age of 8, the future model was noticed by one great director during her participation in a talent contest. The experienced director suggested that the charming girl should definitely try her hand in modeling and her parents decided to listen to the expert’s advice.

Shortly after, Anastasia took part in a photo shoot for a popular Italian brand in Yauza.

In fact, Bezrukova was the only one from Russia who collaborated with Vogue Bamnini. She successfully became the face of Kenguru, Mamams, Collezioni, etc.

Believe it or not, the model also worked with Armani brand after which she achieved great success and became well-known in all parts of the world.

Later on, the talented girl took up acting andalready starred in such films as “After you” and also a project “Insomnia”.

Regardless of her popularity, the girl does everything in order to regularly attend school, gymnastic lessons and dance competitions.

As her mother mentions, modeling is simply a hobby for the girl and she is still not sure which profession to specialize in.

As it is believed, she regularly receives a number of offers from various popular companies and modeling agencies.

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