Nicole Kidman announced the reason why she divorced Tom Cruise

Here is the reason why Nicole Kidman divorced actor Cruise

The legendary actress constantly tries to avoid this question as it probably brings back unpleasant and hurting memories concerning her previous unsuccessful marital life.

Kidman and Cruise had been married for about a decade. When they celebrated their wedding, Kidman was still 23 and Tom had already turned 28. This couple has long been considered one of the most beautiful and exemplary ones in the world and people still wonder and are greatly interested in reasons why their beloved couple had to divorce.

And recently, for the popular magazine Harper’s Bazaar, the 54-year-old actress shared the mistakes they made during their marriage which led to their tragic divorce.

Nicole confessed that at that time she was too young and was emotional. She admitted suggesting the divorce. Kidman was too sensitive and got easily offended.

She was always trying to keep herself open-hearted. It is worth mentioning that the actress now raises her two children with her current husband, whereas she couldn’t have babies during her previous marriage with Cruise. That’s why they had to adopt children.

She tries to keep the life of her kids in secret in order to protect them and not let them taste the bitter reality.

What concerns her daughter Isabella, the 28-year-old woman currently lives in London and is happily married. She is not engaged in show business at all.


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