This absolutely unique model greatly surprised the network with her extraordinary appearance

This western model left everyone speechless with her non-standard figure

This popular and absolutely unique model with an unusual appearance has gained over three million followers on network.

As the standards of beauty are constantly undergoing changes, there are absolutely different trends nowadays compared to those several years ago. Body positivity is currently gaining popularity all over the world and most people don’t try to correspond to the standards and stereotypes.

Women from all parts of the world started to demand for more rights claiming that each of them is absolutely beautiful and unique the way they are. Whereas sometimes they seem to go too far and get heavily criticized.

Here is one of those who is for body positivity with two hands. Sammy is a unique western model whom about three million subscribers follow on the web.

She boasts of her extraordinary and non-standard figure. Her loyal fans consider her the icon of female beauty and attractiveness, yet there is a number of haters who don’t miss an opportunity to criticize her.

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