Here is what musician Elvis Presley’s beloved, Ann-Margret looks like at the age of 79

What 79-year-old actress Ann-Margret, Presley’s true love looks like now

Elvis and Priscilla first encountered in Germany when they still were 14. After 8 years of being together, they decided to legalize their relationship. It is worth noting that Elvis Presley, in fact, could choose anyone he wanted to marry, whereas his heart always belonged to charming singer and actress Ann Margret.

Presley always had to protect Priscilla, whereas Ann was a shining star who could surpass any woman with her unearthly beauty, attractiveness and charisma. Ann and Priscilla were, in fact, complete opposites to each other.

In the year 1964, Elvis and Ann brilliantly starred in the movie “Long Live Las Vegas” and soon the media started to announce about their secret romance. It is needless to say that Priscilla was jealous of Elvis, whereas the latter convinced her that it was a rumor, nothing more. It was time the king of rock-and-roll realized that he should make a decision.

He chose Priscilla and stayed loyal and true to his choice and promises. However, Ann-Margret had always been his only and true love. Elvis and her frequently encountered during the filming and various shows and events.

Despite his true and sincere feelings towards Margret, Presley was attached to his partner, Priscilla. The inseparable friendship between him and Ann lasted till the end of the musician’s life.

Shortly after his daughter’s birth, Elvis broke up with his wife.

It is known that they officially divorced in 1972.

Here is actress Ann-Margret at her 79 who still looks simply amazing and gorgeous.

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