Few people were lucky enough to see Depp’s 20-year-old son who is the exact copy of his father

Jack, 20-year-old heir of Depp has already gained an army of fans

It is known that legendary actor and world famous celebrity has two children from his previous marriage. The eldest daughter of Depp named Lily is already 22.

There is much more information about her on the network rather than about the actor’s son. Lily can often be seen on social media and starring in movies. Whereas her brother strongly dislikes sharing his personal life on media, doesn’t post his photos and rarely appears in public. That’s the reason little do we know about his life and activity.

The boy is already 22 and recently his photos were somehow found on the network. Here he is!

A simple look at these photos makes it obvious whose son Jack is. According to thousands of comments, the young man is the copy of his famous father. However, to some extent, he resembles his mother as well.

What do you think? Does he look like Depp?

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