These are top 5 women who ruin all the stereotypes about female beauty rules and standards

Here are 5 women who ruin the standards about beauty

It is needless to say that the standards of beauty and style constantly undergo changes and today there exist several basic types of women possessing certain features and characteristics. But there are still those who manage to surprise the world.

Here are top 5 women who, regardless of today’s accepted stereotypes, are distinguished by their uniqueness.

Erica Irvine

Her height is about 203-205 which gives her a title of one of the tallest models. There is no need to mention that people pay too much attention to this unique girl whereas she tries not to react. Erica currently lives in California and works as a fitness coach.

Jamie Brewer

Jamie is an adorable girl with Down syndrome who managed to build a successful career in the film industry. She successfully took part in “American Horrow Story” and still remains a demanded actress. In 2015, she appeared on the podium in New York.

Maria Telnaya

Telnaya is often called an alian because of her relatively big and unique eyes. Moreover, many network users hold the opinion that she possesses the biggest eyes on Earth.

Exactly thanks to her uniqueness, the charming girl earns her living in modeling.

Victoria Modesta

Modesta was totally an ordinary person in her childhood. But one day she seriously harmed her leg and the doctors couldn’t save it. She underwent numerous operations whereas everything in vain.

Soon her situation made her one of the most unqiue and interesting models.

Winnie Harlow

This unique girl was always and is still heavily criticized because of her distinguished and non-standard appearance. She was constantly bullied at school which caused that she started to hate her own body.

However, she managed to turn her uniqueness into an advantage and now periodically takes part in advertising and various fashion shows.

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