“Her father’s exact copy”: This is how the grown-up daughter of Cruise and Holmes has changed

Here is what Cruise’s and Holmes’s grown-up girl Suri looks like

Though Suri inherited her mother’s character, she looks the exact copy of her legendary father.

Successful American actor Cruise has one single daughter who was born in 2006. His marriage to Katie Holmes caused a lot of discussions and scandals on the web as the woman was 16 years younger than the actor and no one actually believed they could form a strong relationship. The couple, misfortunately, divorced in 2012.

As a matter of fact, the court gave Cruise the opportunity to visit his daughter 10 days a month, whereas the man missed all his chances to see her for about 7 years.

Yet, Suri has always been in the focus of paparazzi’s attention since she was born.

She has grown up an elegant diva.

Despite inheriting her mother’s character, the adorable girl, according to many, looks the exact copy of her father.

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