Duchess Kate Middleton shared the secrets to her unearthly beauty and femininity

Here are charming duchess Middleton’s secrets to beauty and femininity

She is regarded the icon of female beauty and style for millions of people all over the world.

It is worth mentioning that the charming duchess is soon going to celebrate her 40th birthday and raises three adorable kids.

Despite her age, the woman can still boast of her splendid appearance and admirable look.

Kate is a real style icon and can also be considered an influential trendsetter who actually can’t ever be mistaken being the wife of the Prince.

A number of people are greatly interested in her secrets to beauty and charm.

She used to wear the size 42 and it seems like nothing has really changed so far.

It is certainly known that before their royal wedding ceremony, the woman had been on a strict protein diet for a relatively long time whereas now there is no need to limit herself.

Currently, Kate tries to eat only healthy food, vegetables, rice and fruit, as well as vitamins.

Apparently, this has had a positive effect on her skin and hair.

It is worth noting that she was taught proper nutrition by her mother Carol.


Moreover, she regularly takes up swimming, attends the gym and does yoga.

Another compulsory rule in her staple diet is that she daily drinks one and a half liters of water. Rosehip oil is the duchess’s most beloved cosmetic.

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