After breakup with Pique Shakira showed off her splendid body on a beach during her vacation

Shakira at her 45 still keeps delighting everyone with her perfect figure

45-year-old Shakira, a popular, beloved and iconic Colombian diva still somehow looks amazing and gorgeous.

The paparazzi recently managed to catch the charming singer relaxing during her vacation a short time after breakup with football player G. Pique. The world famous celebrity in purple shorts, flowing hair and no makeup looked as stunning and attractive as always. Sasha and Milan, the adorable children of the Colombian singer and her already ex-husband Pique spent their holiday in Mexico with their mother. It is worth mentioning that in June, the official announcement of their parents’ separation after being together for more than a decade was shared on the network. Besides, there are rumors that the popular football player actually cheated on Shakira whereas no one can exactly know what had happened.

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