Here are world famous stars who have learnt how to accept and love the way they actually are

Roberts, Mirren and others who accept themselves and are for natural beauty

These celebrities refuse to try to correspond to standards of beauty at any cost.

Today’s accepted standards and fashion dictate their own rules, that is, for example, a small nose, a thin waist, plump lips. Whereas there is a number of women who completely accept and love the way they are encouraging others to do so as well.

Helen Mirren

77-year-old Mirren is a prime example of ageless beauty and that even time has no power upon it. She refuses to consider herself old still taking part in advertising and remaining a demanded actress in the film industry.

Meryl Streep

Though the charming woman has already turned 73, she doesn’t feel embarrassed and insecure about the wrinkles on her face and her imperfect skin. It is worth mentioning that in her teenage years, Streep didn’t consider herself beautiful and had many complexes. But then she simply got tired of it and accepted herself the way she was. Now she laughs at her friends or colleagues who rush to undergo plastic surgeries to prevent themselves from aging.

Julia Roberts

This stunning woman, believe it or not, hasn’t undergo any plastic surgeries in the course of her life. Roberts is strongly against it and doesn’t recommend others.

Cate Blanchett

There is a rumor that Cate’a husband Andrew Upton threatened the woman that he would divorce her if she underwent any plastic surgeries. But in fact, the actress is for natural beauty and strongly refuses to visit a cosmetologist or a beautician. She always tries to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Kate Winslet

British League Against Cosmetic Surgeries was founded by Winslet and her colleagues Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz. The actress announced that she won’t ever change her appearance and try to look perfect.

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