Celentano had better not become a father: The daughter of Celentano told the whole truth about her popular father

The daughter of Celentano told the truth about her legendary father

Adriano Celentano has always be an icon for millions of people being a devoted father and a praiseworthy husband as well.

All his life, he has been living with C. Mori with whom had three children. Though Celentano always cared and cherished her beloved family, his daughter Rosalind determined to tell the whole truth.

She confessed that not everyone that the public believes in is not actually true.

According to Rosalind, her siblings and her have always lacked attention and care from their father. She remarks that all actors are attracted by the love of public not paying enough attention to their families.

Besides, the wife of Celentano also gave little attention and tenderness to her children. She has always raised them in strictness. Rosalind even mentions that her parents had better not have children at all.

Whereas Rosalind has already forgiven her parents and announced that she understand them well.

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