Here is the daily routine of Elizabeth the Second: How does Her Majority live?

This is how Queen Elizabeth the Second lives: Her daily routine

Each morning, under the windows of the Queen’s room talented and professional musicians perform her beloved compositions.

It is worth mentioning that the Queen’s day schedule is strictly regulated and planned.

She always wakes up at 7, takes a shower and starts getting dressed.

After she has her royal breakfast, Elizabeth the Second views the latest press and news. Then with the secretary, she discusses what is going on in general.

At 9, Her Majesty is received a red suitcase with documents by special services.

In the course of the day, she receives about 300 letters from ordinary citizens. She reads and answers some of them.

If the Queen’s day is not so full of important duties or events, she manages to take a walk with her corgis. And her beloved hobby is horse riding.

From 11, she has official meetings with each person for no more than 20 minutes and, of course, in private.

At 13, she has dinner. Afterwards, she attends award ceremonies and frequently uses a helicopter or a train.

It is time for tea ceremony at 16 when the whole royal family gathers together.

At 18, the devoted workers prepare a hot bath for Elizabeth the Second.

At 19, receptions start and last till midnight. In the evening, the Queen watches TV and then goes to bed.

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