Can you guess whether this person is a boy or a girl? This is how tis bodybuilder looked before

Is this a guy or a girl? Here is what this unique bodybuilder looked like before

It is time that dictates fashion, norms and rules. Nowadays, people can feel more free, independent and behave in a less traditional and accepted way. Guys even started to dye their hair, do their nails and makeup.

But sometimes decisions and choices of people depend on their principles and are based on their personal path.

And now we are going to tell you about an absolutely unique girl who has achieved great success in the sphere of sports.

This girl named Margarita looks rather unusual and extraordinary and it is hard to realize whether this person is a guy or a girl at first sight.

Currently, she lives in Saratov and is an experienced and professional coach. It goes without saying that there is a huge number of ill-wishers and haters who literally can’t accept her choice.

This is what Margarita looked like before her fantastic transformation!

Is she even recognizable?

What do you think?


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