Here is what 20 legendary Harry Potter actors actually looked like in their youth

This is how 20 Harry Potter actors really looked when they were still young

Majority of the cast of Harry Potter were still too young and inexperienced whereas lucky enough to be picked for the roles of this great film. But so that, at least, the others could play in a normal way, some experienced and talented actors were also, of course,  required. Whereas most of the viewers were not so satisfied and sympathetic with them without even knowing what they actually had to go through in their past.



M. Smith

R. Fiennes


R. Harris

H. Bonham Carter

D. Thewlis

G. Oldman

W. Davis

J. Walters

R. Griffiths

F. Shaw

E. Thompson

J. Isaac

B. Glesson

M. Williams

T. Spall

J. Hart

D. Bradley

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