“Not perfect at all”: This is how the real faces of popular actresses actually look

Here is what the faces of world famous celebrities really look like

We should stop believing the fact that popular stars and celebrities are “perfect” and don’t have any flaws or disadvantages. They all are such ordinary people as we are and before their spectacular appearance on the Red Carpet or during the filming, a long and hard work is done by makeup artists and hairstylists in order to make the actresses look flawless on camera. Besides, the well-known stars often hide their imperfect skin with the help of lots of cosmetic products as they can almost always be caught by the paparazzi. And recently, one Instagram page called @ssstructure managed to reveal the real faces of world famous celebrities showing what they actually look like under a microscope without any editing or Photoshop.


E. Stone

K. Steward

J. Aniston

C. Diaz

H. Bonham Carter

J. Lopez

E. Watson

P. Cruz

U. Thurman

L. Nyong’o

M. Kunis

S. Ronan

J. Roberts

N. Portman

M. Fox

S. Johansson

M. Robbie

L. Lohan

S. Bullock

J. Lawrence

K. Knightley

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