Here is what the world famous actresses looked like in their first films and how they have changed

This is how well-known actresses looked in their first movies and now

Success can’t be achieved effortlessly as failures, challenges and losses are, unfortunately, an inevitable and inseparable part of it. Whereas if a person is strong-willed, determined and resistant enough, they should face those difficulties and courageously overcome them. So here are some well-known and successful Hollywood celebrities in their very first movies in their youth. This is what they looked like before and how they have changed so far.

Julia Roberts (“Satisfaction)

Angelina Jolie (“Hackers”)

Scarlett Johansson (“Thieves”)

Salma Hayek (“Teresa”)

Megan Fox (“Screen Queen”)

Jessica Alba (“Flipper”)

Penelope Cruz (“Ham, ham”)

Kate Winslet (“Celestial Creatures”)

Catherine Zeta-Jones (“A Thousand and One Nights”)

Demi Moore (“Parasite”)

Halle Berry (“Living dolls”)

Jennifer Aniston (“Camp Cucamonga”)

Liv Tyler (“Silent Fight”)

Eva Green (“Dreamers”)

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