“Attracts millions of hearts”: This is what Beckham’s 18-year-old son Romeo now looks like

Here is the 18-year-old son of Victoria and David Beckham: How does he look?

A simple look at Beckham spouses makes it hard to believe that their son has already turned 18 as the couple still looks young and full of energy.

Their eldest heir named Brooklyn has recently got married and the middle one, Romeo, turned 18 and already gained fame thanks to his fine appearance.

Romeo was born in September, 2002 and his parents named him after the world famous character by Shakespeare. Initially, Victoria and David tried to hide their son but then Romeo started to appear in public more and more often and every single time stole millions of girls’ hearts who fell madly in love with the young boy.

Since his early childhood years, Romeo took a great interest in tennis but the fashion houses began to convince the boy to try his hand in the modeling industry as they were more than sure the boy would definitely achieve success. And Romeo eventually agreed.

Recently, the guy has had a great achievement in this sphere – he appeared on the cover of Italian fashion house Vogue.

Romeo dyed his hair for the sake of the photo shoot and looked very impressive and gorgeous. The guy’s physical condition is also fine thanks to the active sport.

It goes without saying that such a handsome and attractive boy has an army of fans around him but currently Romeo’s heart is occupied by Mia Regan.

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