“Remains loyal to her”: Here are recent photos of Brosnan’s wife who was criticized for her figure

This is what actor Pierce Brosnan’s plump wife Keely now looks like

It is difficult to believe that great and beloved actor P. Brosnan has already turned 68 for the man still looks quite handsome and manages to keep himself in an excellent physical form. It has been not once that the actor confessed he is monogamous.

Back in 2001, he got into a relationship with gorgeous Keely to whom he remains loyal to these days. But it is worth noting that the woman has greatly changed during this long period of time.

So here are recent photos of Keely who is now being heavily criticized because of her “imperfect” body.

“What an admirable couple”, “Doesn’t look good”.

“Wow”, “Bravo, Brosnan”, “Isn’t he going to leave her?”.

What do you think?

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