Great actor Keanu Reeves with his grey beard and unkempt look became simply unrecognizable

Reeves was confused with a beggar with his grey beard and unkempt clothes

Legendary actor Keanu Reeves is going to celebrate his 58th birthday in September and many of his fans started to notice that their beloved actor, the star of “The Matrix”, looks much older than his celebrity peers.

Probably the whole thing is that Reeves doesn’t follow fashion trends without trying to correspond to today’s standards at any costs. These days, the 57-year-old actor greatly surprised his followers appearing with a grey beard and rather unkempt appearance.

Many of his loyal fans were, to some extent, disappointed and left such comments under the photos: “This all is the bad influence of his girlfriend”, “He needs a younger woman, rather than “a grandmother”, “What happened to him?”.

“A great actor”, “Like an ordinary person”, “I love him anyway”.

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