“Fathers already got old, but their heirs are in the prime of life”: The most attractive sons of the Hollywood actors

Here are the most handsome and attractive heirs of the Hollywood celebrities

It turned out that some world famous Hollywood celebrities have quite attractive and handsome heirs. Their legendary fathers have already gone or are soon going to retire, whereas their sons are currently in the prime of life able to easily replace and even surpass them. Let’s look at some of them!

Patrick Schwarzenegger

The legendary actor has five children and each of them inherited some unique things from their father. Whereas Patrick has definitely taken the best from the actor. Moreover, he decided to follow in his father’s career steps.

Milo Gibson

Great actor M. Gibson is a father of nine kids but his 6th child appeared to be the luckiest one. Milo has also devoted his life to the film industry. Besides, the boy periodically takes part in fashion photo sessions for some popular magazines.

Rafferty Law

Many people hold the opinion that Rafferty Law can effortlessly not only replace his father but also surpass him. It seems like the guy has inherited the best features from his world famous parents. Currently, Rafferty is building a career in the modeling industry.

Ray Nicholson

Talented actor D. Nicholson has had five children from different marriages. Ray was born when the man was already at his 50.

Chester Hanks

The son of one of the most popular and successful Hollywood actors has already gained fame all over the world. Chester is considered a very attractive and handsome guy that’s why he has an army of fans. The heir of Tom Hanks often stars in series as well.

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