“Awesome twins”: Jennifer Lopez finally shared joint photos of her 14-year-old children

Lopez posted some heartwarming pictures with her already grown up twins

After the breakup with baseball player Rodrigues, the American celebrity started to post joint photos of her beloved family more often. For example, the popular star recently appeared with her mother and daughter in the advertising of her own collection of beauty products.

And some time ago, Lopez shared some heartwarming photos of her already grown-up kids who have already turned 14. Recently, the singer went to a café accompanied with her daughter and mother where she took some joint pictures with her family.


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It is worth mentioning that her awesome twins, Max and Emme were born in 2008 when Lopez was still in a relationship with Antony. In three years, the spouses, misfortunately, divorced.

Later, the world famous star dated actor Casper Smart and then rap musician Drake. And since 2017, Lopez was in a relationship with talented sportsman Rodrigues.

Despite their engagement, the couple couldn’t save their relationship and soon broke up.

We all hope everything will be alright!

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