This is how the son of Lyanka Gryu and Michael Weinberg recovered and what he now looks like

Lyanka Gryu’s and Michael Weinberg’s son whom doctors made a diagnosis autism

In 2011, L. Gryu and famous director M. Weinberg had a son who initially looked totally healthy.

While their baby was growing up, the spouses decided to hire nannies so that they would take good care of their little son as they were fully engaged in their career.

At that time, the director was filming the movie “Pregnancy Test” and Gryu was staring in “Ice Age”. They were extremely busy all day long and managed to see and communicate with their son only in evenings.

Once the child turned 3, they regrettably realized that their poor son didn’t develop mentally. He couldn’t speak a single word and soon the doctors made a serious diagnose autism.

The spouses were in complete shock realizing that their little son was in terrible condition. They rushed to sell their properties and moved to America. The treatment lasted several months but the complete recovery actually took years.

In the US, with the help of therapists and psychologists, the poor child was gradually being recovered.

All this, fortunately, worked and the boy managed to fully recover and even catch up with his peers.

In 2021, the heroic child celebrated his 10th birthday. He, like ordinary kids, regularly attends schools and even forgot about the diagnosis the doctors made.


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