“At her 93 looks 50”: Lollobrigida delighted her fans with her gorgeous appearance in her recent photos

Here is Lollobrigida at her 93 who still attracts millions of people’s hearts

The legendary icon of the Italian film industry has, believe it or not, already celebrated her 93th birthday. Recently, the celebrity delighted her audience with her stunning and mind-blowing look and, it is needless to say, that Gina looks much younger than she actually is. The gorgeous woman looks less than 50 years old. She keeps frequently appearing in public and stealing millions of hearts.

Gina Lollobrigida still takes good care of her appearance, regularly does skin care and other beauty procedures. Despite being 93, the great actress is still fond of makeup and stylish hairstyle.

Lollobrigida’s loyal fans rushed to leave their comments: “I am simply delighted”, “It’s totally unbelievable that she is 93”, “A gorgeous woman”.

“Gina is a real goddess”, “A stunning madam”, “She is not going to age”.

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