The emotional post about raising a child alone: this man’s story whose partner left him and their child

Sometimes it seems like we won’t be able to overcome the hardships we face: but in vain.

The father became prominent after sharing an emotional look into the life of a single father when his partner left him and his baby girl. His story has motivated even more fathers to be single parents.

A man named Richard Johnson who was from Las Vegas had the most cheerful day of his life in 2015, when he met his baby girl named Persephone. Though, after a month, his enthusiasm transformed into sorrow when his partner left their lives evermore.

Reality dawned on him when he found himself alone together with a one-month-old baby girl born with two holes in her heart. The father had no choice but to rely on his parenting skills and fill an empty space in his daughter’s life.

A father’s heartbreaking post about being the only one raising his little daughter after her mother left them.


She spent hours in order to find online parenting sources and videos, doing tasks such as knitting, and learning to cope with common parenting challenges. At last, he discovered the Facebook group which was called Life of a Dad, where he got acquainted with other dads facing similar issues.

Getting to know their stories and how they coped with certain hardships motivated him to keep on assuming the role of a father. He soon found fatherhood experiences shared by other kind fathers on the platform.

After he was able to recover his life, Johnson did not suspect to give back to the community that protected him in his gloomy period.


In November 2015, a father of one shared an emotional post on a Facebook group, speaking about his parenting experience and fighting as a single parent, and show appreciation to the community for assisting him and Persephone through hard period.

The 21-year-old dad started by introducing himself and his daughter. She then handled how her child’s mother left them for unfamiliar arguments, adding that she expected postpartum depression.

Johnson detailed their route over the past ten months, involving how the Life of a Dad group came to the rescue. He wrote:

“I have always waited impatiently to photos and experiences of amazing fathers in this community. You really helped my daughter and me in our hard times.”

The man accepted that they remained happy together even when Persephone was gone for ten whole months. Over time, her friends started to turn to her for parenting advice, due to her being good at growing up her little girl alone.


All due to the Life of a Dad group on Facebook. The leader of the group was only glad that they could help the alone dad, saying:

“Wow, Richard. This is a very good message to receive. We’re so glad we could play at least a small role in assisting you get started in parenting.”

Other participants of the group joined in the emotional outflow, saying words of praise the Las Vegas man for being an excellent father who can use the sources at his disposal. One comment stated:

“I heartily think highly of you, Richard, as well as all single parents, men and women, trying to raise a child alone. I know as I did it when I was little. It’s not an plain mission.”

Dad got so much assistance online that he had to start a Facebook page dedicated to his life as a single father.


In later years, he posted photos of Persephone at various stages of her growth, passing milestones, and connecting with her.

She also shared updates on his health, including a successful operation to repair the holes in her heart. In 2017, the noble dad told that his daughter had found a new mother who loves the little girl as much as he does.

A year later, the father announced that his family had taken an interval from the platform and would not post news about their lives.

He thanked fans as well for following him and Persephone during the years with their kind words and assistance, encouraging everyone to carry on writing their own experiences.

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