“My husband and daughter criticized my outfit”: Victoria Beckham posing in a revealing and transparent top

“My daughter called me indecent”: Here is Victoria Beckham in a revealing dress

Recently, well-known and talented singer Victoria Beckham showed herself in outfits unusual for the celebrity. The stunning 45-year-old star also complained about her beloved husband and 11-year-old child.

Victoria posed in a revealing and daring dress which successfully highlighted the celebrity’s femininity, passion and audacity.

Delicate makeup highlighted Beckham’s interesting facial features and the singer’s hair was loose.

Her loyal fans were simply in delight witnessing their beloved artist in such admirable dresses, whereas her little daughter and husband rushed to criticize her outfits. The celebrity’s adorable 11-year-old daughter hardly ever likes her mother’s dresses considering them too short and revealing.

According to Beckham, one day after performing on the stage, she returned home and her daughter heavily criticized her saying that Victoria’s looks were indecent.

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