“Fantastic results”: Great transformation of Adele who lost about 40 kilos and is now unrecognizable

Here is singer Adele who lost about 40 kilos and now looks stunning

Talented and successful singer Adele became totally unrecognizable due to her great transformation as a result of which, as you can remember, the woman managed to lose about 40 kilos. In her recent photos Adele looks simply gorgeous and is hard to recognize.

“How beautiful she actually is!”, “It’s hard to believe she used to be twice as big as she is now”, “She has lost a lot of weight”, “Way too skinny”.

“With the weight her charm also disappeared”, ” She was much more charismatic and interesting before”, “We are really proud of you”.

“Great results”, “Bravo”, “Not only talented but also beautiful”, “Not everyone can boast about having strong will and determination”.

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