“The saddest princess in the world”: Rare appearance of Princess Charlene on the Red Carpet

Princess Charlene’s rare appearance on the Red Carpet in Monte Carlo

The Princess has recently recovered from covid-19, but it sometimes seems like her soul still needs to be healed.

The last year for Prince Albert’s poor wife was probably the hardest and long-suffering one. Princess Charlene experienced a serious ear infection and underwent operation being kept in rehab with depression for several months. And here is the first appearance of the Princess in Monte Carlo after the long-lasting lockdown.

For her spectacular appearance, the Princess chose a loose green dress which covered her shoulder. One original and interesting detail of the gorgeous dress was the hem, complemented by big flounces. The Princess was happily posing for photographs but her loyal fans noticed some sadness and anxiety on her face. Perhaps, the poor woman hasn’t fully recovered from depression yet.

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