Like a daughter. This is what the wife of actor Pierre Richard looks like who is 30 years younger than him

Here is the wife of Pierre Richard, Ceyla, who is 30 years younger than him

It sometimes seems like this great French actor is actually much more popular in Russia than in his hometown. The attractive man with heavily beautiful blue eyes managed to steal millions of hearts but his heart belonged only to two women during his whole life.

Richard has starred in a number of popular French films which immediately gained millions of views from not only France but also all over the world. Many desired to marry Pierre whereas the man announced he had no wish to ever create a family. But the life prepared another thing for the legendary actor. He suddenly found the love of his life who became his future wife.

Pierre married a ballet dancer with the name Daniel Minatsori and they had two sons. But the spouses, unfortunately, divorced and he became the center of attention again. The artist himself confessed that he could effortlessly attract any woman due to his charisma and good sense of humor.

Soon, Pierre met a beautiful young model named Ceyla and now the actor is absolutely happy.

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