After 24 years: What the  actors of the popular film“Taxi” look like and how they live now

This is how the legendary actors of the famous comedy“Taxi|”now look

A quick reminder: The beloved and famous film“Taxi”is about a crazy taxi driver and his friend who always somehow appear in difficult situations. The comedy became so popular with millions of people and this is how the talented actors starring in it look after 24 years.

Edward Montut has starred in a number of other films as well.

Bernard Farsi stars not only in movies but also plays at the theater.

Emma Sjoberg has already turned 53. She raises her kids and has built a successful career in the modeling industry.

Marion Cotillard is a great and successful actress, who was rewarded an Oscar. The talented artist is married and now raises her two children.

Frederic Diefenthal could not build a successful career as an actor. He frequently plays at the theatre and occasionally stars in films.

Samy Naceri became beloved by millions of people after his legendary role in this movie. By the way, the great actor lost his rights for driving in a drunken way.

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