These are heartwarming photos of the same couples in their youth, after 50, 60 and even 80 years

Here are the same couples in love with each other after 50, 60 and even 80 years

It is nothing but a pure pleasure to witness such couples who have been together for decades and still remain each other’s beloved and precious people. Seeing such exemplary and wonderful families makes it clear that these people don’t just demonstrate their relationship, but they find complete happiness and calmness being by each other’s side.

Here are several couples’ photos revealing how they looked 50, 60 and even 80 years ago.

Virginia and George Brown got married in 1959 in South Carolina. They had four kids and now the spouses are grandparents for their 19-year-old and 20-year-old grandchildren who recently made a big surprise for their beloved grandparents. The spouses had a professional photoshoot and in these heartwarming photos they simply look adorable.

The spouses Schiffer from America have been together for already 86 years! Is it even real? This is actually the oldest couple here.

Their creative grandchildren suggested that they should recreate their 60-year-old photo. It turned out to be quite interesting!

And this admirable spouses tried to recreate their wedding photo for their 70th anniversary. They were photographed the same way as on their wedding day.

Carol-Anne and Jim Stanfield from the Great Britain celebrated their “golden wedding” in 2015. They had fortunately saved their wedding outfits and the bride even managed to recreate her wedding hairstyle.

Among their guests there were those who were also present at their wedding which took place 50 years ago.

Rose and Ian met in Scotland in 1967 and got married one year after their first encounter. They had three children, but the spouses, unfortunately, divorced. They stayed good friends and always supported each other. And after so many years, they wanted to reunite with each other.

24 years after their divorce, they got married again. The bride was 66, and the groom 88 years old. Most interestingly, they had saved their wedding rings.

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