“Married in her granny’s dress”: This young bride got married in her 89-year-old grandmother’s old dress

89-year-old granny cries seeing her granddaughter getting married in her dress

There are certain things that are close and precious to our hearts. And for Ellie from the States, this one was found as well. That was actually her grandmother’s wedding dress which the elderly woman has saved during all her life.

And how surprised and touched her grandmother actually was when she found out that her adorable granddaughter was going to get married in that wedding dress.

The young bride looked simply adorable and stunning in it and the guests couldn’t stop admiring the admirable lady. The girl sent it to the dry cleaning only once and the wedding dress for the most important event in her life was totally ready.

Ellie announced on social media that her beloved grandmother and her are really very close as the girl actually grew up next to her. And once she luckily found her wedding dress in the attic, the girl decided to marry in it.

Her granny was so touched and excited that she even cried when seeing the young bride in her own wedding dress. And this moment became the most precious one in Ellie’s life.


How did you find her wedding dress?


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