Simply unrecognizable: Leo DiCaprio was caught during his vacation by paparazzi

DiCaprio’s fans hardly recognized their beloved actor in his recent photos

Leonardo DiCaprio has been on vacation for a relatively long time and, there is no need to say, paparazzi hardly ever misses the opportunity to capture celebrities during their vacation. Recently, they managed to catch DiCaprio with his girlfriend.

The famous actor’s loyal fans didn’t recognize their beloved artist as the man seemingly gained weight and didn’t look as attractive and handsome as before. They claimed that the actor stopped taking care of himself at all.

Many network users were literally astonished and rushed to criticize DiCaprio saying how much he has actually changed.

“He actually gained a lot of weight”, “Leo doesn’t really look good anymore”, “He still is a cool man”, “He remains the same talented actor”.

What do you think?


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