The story of the “Sad Princess’s” wedding dress: How the dress of the Princess of Monaco was made

Here is the story of the “Sad Princess”: How the wedding dress was created

Princess of Monaco is, undoubtedly, one of the most elegant and gorgeous European first ladies and the wife of Grace Kelly’s son who is a great actor. This beautiful woman with her sad smile and heavily kind eyes had such a spectacular and admirable wedding ceremony that is considered one of the most beautiful and impressive events in the first half of the 21th century.

Her beloved husband and her have known each other for more than 10 years. But right before their wedding, things radically changed. He was accused of having had numerous romances and love affairs. The man even had illegitimate children.

Many didn’t believe that the ceremony would actually take place. The stunning bride appeared in an unearthly beautiful and elegant dress from Armani.

Her morning started at the fashionable Hermitage Hotel, where the niece of the popular fashion designer, Robert Armani, immediately went. She was one of those who actually followed the preparations of the bride. Her blond hair was gently gathered into a cute bun and she had barrettes covered with expensive stones.

Her wedding dress was nothing but a real masterpiece and admiration and it suited her the best.

Three seamstresses worked more than thousand hours in total. A light shade of ivory perfectly emphasized the skin tone of the stunning woman.

A 5-meter train gave even more royalty to this splendor. The hem and bodice of the wedding dress with about 40 thousand Swarovski crystals and 20 thousand mother-of pearl beads from which the original floral pattern was created.

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The bride was truly admirable and gorgeous. But the woman’s eyes were constantly wet. Initially the guests held the opinion that she simply got emotional and excited about the most important event in her life, but then it was, misfortunately, found out that she became aware of her groom’s deeds.

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Giorgio Armani, in fact, has known the future princess since the year 2006. It was actually in his dresses that the woman appeared at ceremonial events in the Olympic Games, Beijing, 2008. The famous fashion designer considers Charlene the true embodiment of beauty, elegance and kindness.

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Her wedding dress was then regarded one of the most elegant, expensive and beautiful ones during the whole history. It actually was not inferior to Queen Elizabeth’s as well as Princess Diana’s and K. Middleton’s dresses.

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In this admirable dress, Charlene looked perfect, as always!

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