These are sons of men celebrities who surpassed their fathers in beauty and attractiveness

Celebrity sons who definitely surpassed their fathers in handsomeness

These popular and handsome men celebrities have stolen millions of women’s hearts becoming true legends, whereas now their awesome sons undoubtedly surpass their fathers in beauty and attractiveness.

A. Delon and Alain-Fabian Delon

The youngest son of A. Delon has already delighted everyone with his handsomeness who starred in “You and the Night” and other movies.

Clint and Scott Eastwood

Clint didn’t accept his son for a long time, but kept communicating with him. Scott has built career in film industry and starred in “Suicide Squad” and many other famous movies.

Pierce Brosnan and Dylan, Paris and Sean

Charismatic and talented Brosnan gave his three sons nice and fine appearance. The eldest son is already 39. Paris is 20 and Dylan is 24. Paris and Dylan work in modeling industry.

Jude and Rafferty Law

Jude’s gentle son has become a successful model.

Arnold and Patrick Schwarzenegger

The talented and skillful guy started his own business of clothes since the age of 15.

David Beckham and his children: Romeo, Cruise and Brooklyn.

The celebrity has three wonderful sons. Brooklyn decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Romeo is a model and Cruise wishes to become a musician.

O. Yankovsky, his son Philip and grandson Ivan

The actor has talented and successful sons.

Dmitry and Kirill Nagiyev

Kirill became a successful actor starring in the films “Merry Men and Jah’s Territory”, “Brigade” and so on.

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