The biography of Monica Bellucci: How has one of the most beautiful woman changed?

This is how Bellucci achieved success and became the icon of femininity

M. Bellucci is already 57 but it is rather hard to believe it when we look at this icon of beauty and femininity. It is worth mentioning that she is regarded one of the most gorgeous and charming women at all times. Many envy the unearthly beauty and grace of this actress and model desiring to look like her.

In her youth, Monica tried her hand in modeling industry in order to earn enough money for studying law and she couldn’t even imagine that modeling would soon become an inseparable part of her life and career.

Monica came to the world of modeling in 1987 and immediately stole many directors’ and photographers’ hearts. She started to appear on the cover of many famous Italian and French magazines. After a year, realizing that she actually wanted to continue as a model, Bellucci gave up studying law. The young beauty moved to Milan and signed a contract. In 4 years, the popular model collaborated with D&G.

In 1992, the graceful woman was invited to the cinema to star the role of a vampire in “Dracula”. After this legendary role, she immediately gained world fame and popularity.

In 1995, our beloved model was the face of the perfume from D&G The director who shot the commercial was so inspired and delighted by her that he filmed it in his own film. For her famous role in “Apartment”, Bellucci was nominated for the French national film award. Exactly at that time, the woman met Vincent Cassel.

And in 1997, the stunning woman was invited to be the face of the Cartier jewelry house. Brass personally directed the ad.

In 1998-1999, the actress starred in eight films and, what is more, became the model of the calendar Max.

Monica attracted both the modeling and film industry with her innate talent and gorgeousness. In 2001, she became the face of the cover of Esquire.

In 2004, Bellucci was officially added on the list of 100 most beautiful women in the world.

In 2005, Bertrand Bilen directed “How Much Are You Worth” which was created for Monica.

Since 2006, she successfully became the face of Dior.

In 2012, a whole book about Monica was published which was nothing but sensation for people.

She also became the face of the company of beauty products Oriflame in 2011.

Even episodic roles brought the actress even more popularity and awards.

In 2015, Bellucci became Bond’s girlfriend in a series of his adventures. Monica became the first woman who played the role of a superhero’s girlfriend.

In 2016, the masterpiece of Emir Kusturica was presented at Venice Film Festival which was a great success.

Recently, Monica confessed that she isn’t afraid of getting old at all which she considers a natural process. The actress strongly fears of diseases.

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