Deva, the daughter of Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, looks much like her gorgeous mother

Bellucci’s charming daughter Deva greatly impressed everyone with her look

The admirable and beautiful daughter of Bellucci recently impressed absolutely everyone with the similarity with her stunning mother. The 14-year-old teenager attended the show of D&G in Milan and, according to reliable sources, the young star has signed a contract with this popular brand. The adorable girl is soon going to be the face of the perfume from the Italian fashion house.

The first fundamental thing required for the contract was that the teenage girl looks like the exact copy of her gorgeous and famous mother. Then, Deva is absolutely beautiful and unique. And the cosmetic products did their job highlighting the celebrity’s admirable facial features.

Moreover, her fans have paid much attention to the girl’s clothing as well. Deva was in an elegant black jacket, black tight-fitting trousers, stylish sandals with heels and a translucent corset. Altogether, a stupendous and spectacular look.

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