“I like getting old”: This is how actress Sophie Marceau looks being in her 50s

Here is 55-year-old Sophie Marceau who still looks stunning and attractive

We all remember this talented actress named S. Marceau as a young and beautiful girl.

It is rather hard to imagine that our beloved actress has already turned 55, yet she somehow remains the same gorgeous and admirable girl as she was before. Sophie is sometimes called “A woman with a teenage face” which is absolutely true as the actress has always looked much younger than she actually was.

Marceau also remains a demanded and talented actress, experienced specialist and skillful director.

She had her first relationship at the age of 16 and soon married Andrey Zulawski with whom she had a son. Their happy marriage lasted 18 years. Marceau has always been an attractive and nice woman that’s why she has never ceased to get a lot of attention from the opposite sex.

After a while, Sophie married Jim Lemley and they had an adorable daughter.

Her beauty secrets, according to the actress, involve a sincere smile and natural look.

When Sophie is asked to share some details about how she, despite her age, manages to maintain such a beautiful and well-groomed woman, she always claims that, first of all, regular sleep and healthy food are required. The actress also confesses that she really likes getting old and no wrinkle can make her upset.

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