This is what 51-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones looks like without wearing any makeup

Zeta-Jones in her 50s recently showed herself without makeup

51-year-old Zeta-Jones lately appeared to be brave enough to share some new pictures where she wore no makeup and didn’t even use any filters for photos and, as a result, made some of her fans upset and disappointed.

Recently, she shared some photos on her account revealing her true self. The gorgeous woman was in a yellow dress and without makeup. The blessed actress also had sunglasses as accessories to complete her look.

The actress determined to be completely honest towards her fans disclosing her natural look. Yet some of them didn’t appreciate the celebrity’s decision and disliked the fact that their beloved actress already started to get older. Some of them rushed to heavily criticize her wrinkled neck. Whereas her truly loyal fans accepted her flaws declaring that they will continue loving the actress no matter what.

Those who supported her surprisingly asked why the others expect her to look perfect as she is already in her 50s and it is totally normal.

Catherine looks absolutely stunning, doesn’t she?

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