No one could take their eyes off Bella Hadid who was wearing a diaphanous bodysuit during the premiere

Famous model Bella Hadid’s spectacular appearance in the premiere of MTV

Popular model Bella Hadid is believed to be the most beautiful and elegant woman in the whole world. This is not surprising at all for the girl possesses perfect facial features and flawless body. Besides, the famous model often astonishes her fans with bold looks and it sometimes seems as if Hadid recognizes no limits. And her spectacular appearance in the premiere of MTV wasn’t an exception.

The beloved model chose a diaphanous black bodysuit, which was a rather brave look, and strict black pants so that the bodysuit and pants would harmonize well with each other. It goes without saying that no one could really take their eyes off Bella Hadid on that day.

Her unusual and extravagant look immediately caused controversial opinions. Her fans simply admired their icon’s unearthly beauty and attractiveness, the others rushed to criticize the model.

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