Here is the reason why Princess Diana fell asleep during the premiere in 1981

This is why the Princess fell asleep during the premiere  in 1981

In July, 1981, D. Spencer became the wife of  Charles. And, in a couple of months, the Princess, surprisingly, was caught in the premiere in museum of Albert and Victoria. This soon caused a real scandal and a storm of discussions. They started to actively discuss why Diana, all of a sudden, fell asleep during the premiere which was rather offensive and, at least, hard to understand according to people.

But when the true reason was finally disclosed, the British people eventually calmed down. It was found out, that Diana was already pregnant and was expecting the king of the Great Britain. In 1982,  the Prince came to this world.

By the way, while the Princess was expecting her son, a misfortune happened to them. Diana tragically fell down the stairs losing her consciousness.  But, luckily, everything was alright. Princess Diana is actually considered to be the most influential and kind-hearted British woman in the history.


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