What Antonia Banderas’s current girlfriend and already grown-up daughter look like

This is how Antonia Banderas’s new beloved and daughter look

Antonia Banderas appeared on the list of the most handsome and attractive men, and not once. The successful actor has been married twice and his both marriages were with actresses. Banderas’s first wife became an actress from Spain named Ana Leza. When Banderas was invited to Hollywood, he moved there with his beloved. But, misfortunately, his career in film industry literally destroyed his relationship with Ana.

During the filming of a new movie, Antonia encountered his second future wife named Melanie Griffith with whom he was madly in love. The spouses have lived together for already eighteen years raising their awesome daughter Stella, as well as Melanie’s first daughter from her ex-husband.

But the last years of their marriage, the spouses were constantly involved in many scandals and disagreement and soon decided to break up. After their tragic divorce, Banderas firmly decided not to get married again.

Recently, the talented actor met a German woman named Nicole Kempel. She had long been working in a bank, but lately, her sister and her started their own business.

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