52-year-old Naomi Campbell boasted about her perfect figure appearing in an open dress

Barely covered: N. Campbell in her 50s shocked with her attractiveness and beauty

52-year-old N. Campbell was recently invited to one Canadian film festival literally astonishing everyone with her flawless and attractive look. The Hollywood celebrity appeared in an elegant black dress which highlighted the woman’s desirable figure. It is worth mentioning that lately Naomi tasted the first delights of being a mother.

Many network users were more than sure that Campbell actually adopted the baby as no one was aware of her pregnancy, but the Hollywood star managed to persuade them that it really was her biological daughter.

Her fans unanimously declared how mind-blowing and elegant she actually looked remarking that the woman doesn’t really look her real age.

All females wished they had such a perfect and flawless body as Campbell does in her 50s.

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