What is her secret? This 52-year-old Korean woman looks younger than her daughter

Three beauty secrets: The 52-year-old mother looks younger than her daughter

Look attentively at this pretty young girl. How old, do you think, she actually is? 20-25? In fact, believe it or not, she is a 52-year-old woman. Is this her natural beauty or desirable results of numerous plastic surgeries?

Actually, Louise Su doesn’t mind sharing her secrets showing how to maintain your natural beauty and look much younger. It is not about surgeries at all, but three main rules every woman should be aware of.

The first rule is that your sleep should be regular and well, not less than 8 hours a day and you all should lead a healthy lifestyle.

The second one: You should always think optimistically and be enthusiastic about life and new things.

The third one: You should take care of your skin every single day with such care products which suit you the best.

Of course, the opinions about her gorgeous appearance at her age are rather controversial as many people are more than sure that she had actually done plastic surgeries but refuses to confess. Whereas, later on, it was proved that the Korean woman didn’t do any surgeries and this is her natural beauty.

Our heroine has an adorable daughter as well whom the whole internet currently discusses. Network users claim that she looks even older than her well-maintained mother.

What is this? A phenomenon or good care? What do you think?

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