Here is Polish Rapunzel: The 34-year-old woman hasn’t cut her hair since early childhood

This woman didn’t cut her hair since early childhood and this is how she looks

Malgorzate Kulczyk, this 34-year-old woman from Poland, currently studies at one of the Universities in London, in the faculty of information. But she can boast of not only being intelligent and well-educated, but also possessing gorgeous and lush hair she has been taking care of since her early childhood.

This woman hasn’t actually had her hair cut since her early years and at this moment her hair’s length is already 159cm which is 3 cm more than her actual height. They are a lot of women who envy her hair’s beauty and there was also one case when one of her colleagues tried to persuade her to have her hair cut, but she, fortunately refused. It goes without saying that men are madly in love with her.

The gorgeous woman washes her golden hair once a week and frequently changes her hairstyle. But the most interesting is that she sometimes uses her hair as a scarf when it gets cold.

To all women who desire to have such hair, she advises to be patient enough and don’t expect instant results. Malgorzate encourages them to regularly take good care of their hair.

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