Jennifer Lopez recently dyed her hair and now looks much younger than before

J. Lopez with pink hair impressed her fans with the new look

Already 52-year-old Jennifer Lopez never ceases to greatly impress and pleasingly surprise her fans with her gorgeous appearance and desirable figure in spite of her age.

After the reunion with Ben Affleck, the eyes of the celebrity glow and the woman continues flourishing day by day. She often wears makeup and, these days, even dyed her hair in order to look fresher and more attractive for her audience.

Whereas the stunning woman’s recent transformation was a little bit too much, as her subscribers declare. She appeared with a completely new hair color and beautiful makeup astonishing her loyal fans.

Yet, some people hold the opinion that her previous hair color suited her the best and that they don’t really like the celebrity’s transformation as the star tries to look like a teenager.

Do you like Jennifer’s pink hair?


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