Gorgeous 51-year-old Naomi Campbell first appeared with her little adorable daughter

Naomi Campbell eventually shared a photo with her little daughter

A year ago, in May, we all became aware of that 51-year-old N. Campbell gave birth to her awesome daughter becoming a caring mom.

Naomi has always been trying to keep her family, private life and relationships in secret and people had no idea who was the father of the newborn baby as she refused to share anything without even showing her daughter. What is more, there were some rumors on the media that Naomi actually adopted the child as no one was aware of her the woman’s pregnancy.

But Naomi convinced everyone that the girl was, in fact, hers and was biological, not adoptive. In fact, in no other relationships Naomi tasted the delight of becoming a mother and now her cherished dream has come true.

Recently, 51-year-old mother appeared on the cover of the popular magazine “Vogue” with her adorable little cutie holding in her arms. Her loyal fans were very touched and started to compliment the stunning mother and her adorable daughter.


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