The exact copy of Jolie: Brad Pitt was finally caught with his new beloved woman

Brad Pitt was spotted with his new beloved woman by paparazzi

People were more than sure that Pitt, after the tragic divorce with Jolie, would never want to get into another relationships or get married again. He started to take care of his mental and physical health, stopped appearing in various events, yet, as it was later found out, he was in a new relationship with one model.

The new beloved of Brad became a gorgeous model named Nicol Pouturalski who is 27 years old and is much younger than the popular artist.

On social media, many people started to compare the new beloved of Pitt with Jolie complaining that the new beloved of the actor resembles his ex-wife.

Recently, the pair flew to France by a private plane where they were caught by paparazzi that claimed the model and the actor behaved as if being madly in love with each other.

Do you think Nicol looks like Jolie?


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